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Fifth Grade Vocation Day April 10, 2018

Photo of Ben Zarda receiving the announcement of naming the student lunch in his name

This traditional and successful annual program of the Archdiocese is successful not only for the priests, Sisters, Deacons and others who demonstrate and talk frankly to the students about discerning vocations but also by the Zarda family and the Serra volunteers.

Undergirding the discussions, rosaries with the students, Adoration of the Exposed Host, the "Betty and Ben Zarda Family 5th Grade Vocation Day Luncheon."

Read the report of John Muehlberger who organized the Serra's volunteers and photos of the event here.

Sixth Grade Essay Contest April 11, 2018

Photo of winners of the 6th Grade Essay contest

The Sixth Grade Essay contest, sponsored by Serra KCK, is a companion program to the Fifth Grade Vocation Mass (above) for students in Catholic elementary schools. We do not know how many, but cannot doubt, that many vocations begin at these ages and are facilitated by programs such as these.

Twenty participating Archdiocesan Schools, delivered inspiring and thought-provoking messages on the topic: “Why Are priests, Sisters, Deacons, and Brothers Necessary for the Mission of the Catholic Church?”

John Coakley chaired this year's essay contest. Read his beautiful report, the student's essays, see photos and learn who the hardworking judges were here.

Five Members Inducted into Serra KCK!

Photo of the New Member Induction eremony

On April 25, 2018 Msgr. Mullen inducted 5 new members in front of a attentive audience during our regular meeting a Painted Hills. Each new member will wish to review his commitment to Serra and each established member should get to know these new members by name and face. The link to the induction page, including photos, excerpts from the Ceremony and a link to the complete Induction Ceremony is here.

Archbishop and Louise Naumann Honored

Hear the remarks made by Archbishop Naumann and his mother Louise on them receiving the Lumen Christi award at St. Benedict's Abbott's Table 2018. Click on the video bleow.

Liturgical Youth Leadership Conference at St. Meinrad

President's letter for Mayl 2018

photograph of Gary McCoyWhile the month of April did not bring us the spring rains for a change but rather snow on the first three Sundays of the month we had much to celebrate beginning on the first with Easter Sunday and the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Read the complete letter here.

God Moments

Photo of the chapel and tomb of St. Francis

At the tomb of St. Francis

"I loved the frescoes of Giotto, Cimabue and other painters in the Basilica of St. Francis and, after spending some time with them, I went down to a small chapel, built around the tomb of St Francis, knelt down and prayed."
Read all of the "At the Tomb of St. Francis" here.

You will find all "God Moments" on that same page.

The Serra Club of Morogoro

photo of Serra Club of Morogoro on a fieldtripA recent update from the Serra Club of Morogoro who asked our help and support in performing their mission.

In Africa the Church is growing rapidly. Their is a great hunger for the Lord and the word of God. The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few. Their Serra Club is anxious to learn from more established Serra Clubs and they have reached out to us because we are strong and established. We will keep you informed on how our relationship with the Serra Club of Morogoro proceeds.

Serra International

Click here to see 24 ideas for Vocation Directors to consider for promoting vocations and several ideas for Membership Directors (revializing Parish Vocation Clubs, Using Parish bulletins, websites and social media, and hold liturgical retreats to inform paarish members about what it means to be a Serran).

Click here to read USAC President Greg Schwietz article "Is Serra Facing a Leadership Crisis?"

Pope Francis' intentions for May 2018

Evangelization – The Mission of Laity: That the lay faithful may fulfill their specific mission, by responding with creativity to the challenges that face the world today.

Blisters for Sisters Saturday, May 5, 2018

photo of Nuns preparing for Blisters for SistersSave that date! Get all the information and the registgration form here and download a short promotional video here. Double click on it in your download folder to see it.

Serra's 76th Internatinal Convention, Nashville, TN

webbanner for the SI 76th International Convention

Information and Registration here.

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