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Religious Sisters Appreciation Day

Photo of RSAD 2016

What epitomizes the 2016 Religious Sisters Appreciation Day? For me it was Mother Julia's comment taken from the video on the right.

"At the end of a busy day sometimes all our work seems like just a little drop in the Lord's bucket. But when you see all these Sisters and hear what they do, OK gee, we may really be making a difference for the Lord".

The Spirit, so often hidden, is always at work, step-by-step, drop-by-drop, transforming our world. That, for me, was one of the salient messages I received while attending RSAD 2016.

Again this year, a superb job of organizing RSAD 2016 by Gene Schreiner and his Metro KC Serra committee!

For more on RSAD 2016 check out this page with some attendance figures and the first set of Larry Werner's photos.

World Youth Day 2016, Krakow, Poland

Banner for WYD 2016

A large part of the future of our One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is in Kraków, Poland for this huge event expected to draw 2 million attendees, and somewhere among the 40,000 youths from America are our priests, Sisters and Serrans of tomorrow. Meet them and Pope Francis now in these videos.

Click HERE for the page of WYD videos.

Click HERE to follow WYD on the USCCB website.

One of the patrons of WYD 2016 is Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati who died at age 24. He is little known to many of us but better known to the WYD participants. Click HERE for Bishop Barron's video for a fascinating story of his life.

World-wide Fraternity of Priests in KCK!

Fraternity of Priests as a group

An excerpt from John Coakley's report on the meeting of the Fraternity of Priests meeting at Savior of the World Pastoral Center the first week of August 2016.

"For all the services these priests bring to us, they need time to deepen their own Faith, their love for Jesus and His Mother. A group of priests from the western world sensed this need very strongly at an isolated/accidental meeting in 1983; they pledged to meet once a month in their own regions and once a year world-wide."

Click HERE to read more of John Coakley's report.

President Burn's letter for August

photograph of Jim BurnsThis month President Burns comments on several functions and points to two import events in August: The annual Religious Sisters Appreciation Day on August 14 and the Serra Board planning for the year session on August 17th.

Click HERE to read his letter.

Seminarian Voices

Travis MecumFrom time to time, when seminarians are able, they send us a note reflecting their experiences in the seminary or in their prayer life. Travis Mecum recently sent this beautiful prayer of his, a prayer that reads like a psalm. Read his prayer"Free to Soar" HERE.

But we need to hear from you about important moments in your faith journey. Email HERE a vignette important on your faith journey.

Catholic Music Festival: Save the date:

Praise the Lord together with music that tell about His Merciful Love!

Saturday, September 17th at 4:00pm at the Savior of the World Pastoral Center.
Original Catholic Music by local musicians, fun and food, free for all. Come with you families!

Click HERE for their flyer with all the information you will need to attend!

Over 2000 photos since the first of the year!

We select only the best ones. You may have missed one or two.
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