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Fifth Grade Vocation Day 2018

John Muelhberger again did a great job of organizing the Serran volunteers to prepare, serve and clean up after 950 students had eaten. John was also instrumental in having this meal named for the Zarda family. Here is his report.

There were 20 Serran’s volunteers helping to feed 950 students, teachers, and
volunteers. The day went smoothly considering feeding and cleaning up for over
three hundred individuals in three thirty minute intervals

The day was also highlighted by the presence of Betty and Ben Zarda. Our President, Gary McCoy and the Serran volunteers presented Betty and Ben with the proclamation plaque naming the 5th grade vocation day ‘The Betty and Ben Zarda family 5th grade vocation day luncheon”. Betty and Ben were very appreciative of the recognition.

Thank the Serran volunteers for their efforts during this special day. Prayerfully, our efforts and the teachers efforts that day will result in future priests, Sisters, and holy men and woman for our Catholic Church.

Fr. Scott Wallisch describes his vocation path to the assembled students
Students in the Prince of Peace Church listen as Fr. Wallish speaks about his path to the priesthood
Sisters present in the audience
Andrew Reasor, not (yet) a seminarian, talks to the students and answers their questions
Fr. Wallisch at Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with the students
Sister Luz Dias of the Augustinian Recollect answers student questions
Downstairs Nancy Gibson and Maggie Lents help get the luncheon together
Carl Gurera and Ron Rice work getting the hot dogs ready
Along with Jim Koenig and Gary McCoy
And Bob Yoksh, Jack Lawrence, Fran Van Leeuwenhoek, Joe Deters and Bob O'Halloran
These students were waiting for their next assignment
In this case it was prayer time with the rosary
The next group of students joined Andrew Reasor, Sister Luz Dias and Fr. Wallisch in the church
Jerry Volz, Pastor of Prince of Peace, chatted with Gary McCoy and John Muelhberger
The student arrive at the luncheon with great eagerness
Sister joined them at lunch to chat
Others had a great time by themselves
A great opportunity to learn about religious vocations
Serrans kept a semblance of order
And some ate more or less quietly
Serran duties only ended when the students left and clean up was completed