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Sometimes, God Moments are hidden from our eyes

Photograph of Ralph Richardsonn embracing Robert LuchiI heard something about a “Dr. Bob Toast and Roast” about a month before it was scheduled to happen. So for weeks I wondered: why in the world would the Serra Club want to do this, how am I supposed to react, what should I say, etc.? I was nervous about it. What is it going to be like, this “Toast and Roast”?

Then on September 12 it happened, Jim Burns and Msgr. Mullen were very kind to me and I did not die of embarrassment. Having survived, I was able to more calmly reflect on the implications of the “Toast and Roast” and this is what I thought.

The KCK Serrans, by their kind words and their warm and fraternal embraces, took my heart away. What you Serrans did was to make me realize was that I was being acknowledged by a warm and loving community. This embracing warmth wiped out all the miscues of my life in Serra. All my apprehensions vanished.

Maybe this is the way it will seem when I’m dying, not certain what will unfold, being a little nervous about it, but going forward anyway, hoping for the best. Then the scroll of my inconsistent life will read out for me, a life with many ups and downs, a life given many graces, some not acted upon, some not appreciated.

If Serrans are so generous and unforgiving, the Lord will be even more so. No one will need to speak in my behalf because the Lord knows all about me, even well before my conception in my Mother’s womb. As the psalm say, "Lord, you have known me and probed me".

The “Toast and Roast” was foretaste of what it must be like being welcomed into the community of saints. A foretaste is not the reality, so I keep on praying and ask for the continued prayers of by brother Serrans.

I shall be ever grateful to the Serra Club of Kansas City for welcoming me into their midst.

Robert Luchi