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An Unexpected Visit During a Winter's Night

Photo of Merlyn AlbaughThis visit between Merlyn Albaugh and the Little Sisters of the Lamb left such a joyful and spiritual mark on him that he felt compelled to share his story with Serra.

He and we may never know what star guided these Sisters to his door but it definitely was a moment of grace shared in faith.

Here is his story.

I had just finished a meatball and spaghetti lunch (sent home with me from a 94 year old parishioner at Holy Cross). She sent three meatballs and plenty of spaghetti.  The door bell rang and there were two nuns exclaiming they were hungry and asking if I had a meal to share with them. 

My culinary abilities are very limited and my mind raced to consider what I could feed them.  Fortunately I remembered the meatballs and spaghetti.  I fed them spaghetti, meatballs, corn, sherbet ice cream, milk, bread, which they said I had filled them fully. 

image of heaven opening upBefore we ate we prayed and they sang to me.  Afterwards, they again sang and prayed for me and my wife, who is interred in a box in our living room.  During this time we had a wonderful conversation and they spent approximately two hours with me and Mary.

t was such a wonderful time to be spent with them, and many of our parishioners said they never knew of them coming over to Overland Park.

It is an experience I shall never forget, and try to keep better stocked on food in case I get another knock on my door.   

Merlyn Albaughi