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Cure of a Persistent Illness

In the 1980’s while I was working for IBM in KC I came down with bronchitis one winter after a cold. The Bronchitis seemed to hang on and on. After sometime I went to the doctor who confirmed I had a bad case of bronchitis and in addition to getting a prescription to treat it I was told that because of damage to my bronchial tubes I should be careful because I most likely would get bronchitis anytime I caught a cold.

So for 3 or 4 years each time I caught a cold or got the flue I would be out of work for days with bronchitis. Once I even checked with IBM Personal if there would be a possibility to take a job in a warmer climate so I would not get sick so often. At that time IBM indicated there was no chance of transferred for health reasons.

During this same time my wife, Sharon, and I were in a Marriage Encounter Rap Group. We met with other married couples once a month to strengthen our marriages. At each Rap Group meeting we prayed for various people, sickness or other situations. One meeting the lead couple suggested that this evening instead of praying for others; each person pray for themselves. When it came to my turn to pray, I asked that God heal my reoccurring bronchitis.  I remember my prayer went something like: “God please cure me of bronchitis.”

I never to this day have had an issue with bronchitis. I assume whatever was wrong with my bronchial tubes was healed. A one sentence, 2 second prayer was answered.

I just read the book A Case for Miracles and it reminded me of what happened 30 some years ago. God still listens even to short prayers and even when I pray for myself.

Gene Schreiner