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Message Received

Photo of Bob YokshSometimes life seems to be coming at us on fast forward. In 1985 our 15 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. His doctor arranged for him to be admitted immediately to Children's Mercy Hospital. My wife had been scheduled for surgery that same week and wanted to re-schedule, but her doctor didn't agree. In a matter of a day, our relatively normal life was turned upside down.

I had to spend time at the hospital daily with our son to learn as much as I could from the doctors, and dietician. Then I would go across town to another hospital where my wife was recuperating and try to fill her in on what I had learned. On the second or third day I was at Children's Mercy and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. In fact I was feeling sorry for myself. Waiting at an elevator and thinking about these things, I observed a woman crying in the doorway of a patient's room across the hall. She had just lost her child.

Message received God.

I said a short prayer for the mother and child and thanked God for the message, and for the gift of that day for myself, my wife and our son.

Bob Yoksh