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Photo of Ron Rice At a recent Serra luncheon, Dr. Bob asked me if I had any “God moments”. As he explained to me what he meant. I started to review many of the times that God has spoken to me in a variety of ways. I ponder the blessings that God has provided to me every morning during my morning walk and prayer, and they are numerous.

The first one that came to mind was prayer offerings that I had offered to God to help guide me to finding a suitable home for my daughter and her sons as they relocated back to Kansas City after a very sad divorce in St. Louis.

I had been looking for a more permanent residence in early 2010 after temporarily finding them a duplex in northern Shawnee. I had been looking for about 3 months with a realtor from our parish. We had found three that were satisfactory, but none that fit all of the criteria. We were running out of time as the lease on their duplex was due to expire in just over 30 days. It was agreed that we would meet after church

My daughter had checked the internet just before Mass that Saturday, and found a new listing in the neighborhood where we used to live, the neighborhood that she and her brother grew up in, and held so many wonderful memories. A house only a block from where we had lived 14 years earlier.

I went to Mass that day and offered up my intentions to the Holy Spirit to guide me in the decisions that we would make that day.

When I left Mass I noticed that I had a gleeful text from my daughter about this new listing, and asked if we could add it to the list. As it turned out, the listing was just posted that morning! My realtor was able to get a showing set up immediately since the house was vacant. We were able to see it 30 minutes later, and offered a contract within the hour with a possession date before hew lease expired!

The house was offered at a very low cost, and needed all new interior paint and new flooring but was still well below our target price, even after the improvements!

After the papers were signed I went back to the Adoration Chapel and gave thanks to God for answering my prayers. God speaks to us every day and answers our prayers in many different ways. In many cases we don’t even realize that he has. We may not realize it because it may not be what we had hoped for, or when we had hoped that it would occur.

This only served to reinforce that if we place our faith and trust in Him, all will be answered. Not our will, but His be done!

Ron Rice