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At the Tomb of St. Francis

We rented a small apartment in Assisi so we could relax and absorb the atmosphere of the place where St. Francis and St. Clare lived and worked.

There is something about the “atmosphere” of Assisi that is redolent with their peaceful, quiet, yet forceful way they served God in their worship and in giving of themselves to all those with whom they came in contact.

I loved the frescoes of Giotto, Cimabue and other painters in the Basilica of St. Francis and, after spending some time with them, I went down to a small chapel, built around the tomb of St Francis, knelt down and prayed.

Suddenly I was overwhelmed by uncontrollable tears. I have never before or since shed tears as an adult. I was made keenly aware of the vast difference between my life, complicated by worldly affairs and attachments, and the simple and sweet life of St. Francis. I heard no voices, saw no visions but was certain that God's truth was revealing something important to me. I was so thoroughly shaken by this experience that I have never forgotten it or impact it made on my life. Tears, yes, but also clarity and a wonderful feeling of being heard and healed.

It is hard to say exactly what followed. Closer to God and Jesus, yes. I had thought that my priorities were correct but since that incident priorities of God first, family second have been etched in by life, and everything else either discarded or set firmly behind the first two.

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Robert Luchi