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Blisters for Sisters 2018

We are waiting for the final tally from the organizers of Blisters for Sisters 2018 to display here.

Four photographers were at Blisters for Sisters and they returned with or so photos, all great photos but more than we could display on our website. They all show different aspects of this year's Blisters for Sisters.

We thought we would present three slide shows representing what we thought were the best representations of Blisters for Sisters 2018, but each one showing a different aspect of the day.

The first is a general overview, and the upcoming other two will concentrate on a different aspect. We are grateful to Dick Shaw and Gary De Haemers for sending us their photos.

Homer Radford loading the Clothing Fundraiser truck
Homer Radford and Dr. Tom Coppinger with more of the donated clothing
Sr. Josephine, OSF accompanied by Sister M. Lucy and other OSF Sisters
This Sister in a wheelchair was determmined to take part
Sr. Agnes with Anna
Father and son there to cheer the Sisters on
Sister Angela Nuokus, OSB and a family friend
Ed Connolly and Gary McCoy
Preparing the desserts for after the run
The dog was a companion, they both completed the course
Mike Brogan and Sister Paula Rose, SCL posing in from of the finish line, but before the run started
A Sister (?) with Sr. Bridget Dickason, OSB
Six Sisters, two habits
Serran Harold Mueller with a great sweatshirt
Sister Arthel, SCL and Sister Therese, SCL
Daffy and Dick Shaw with Philip Mueliner
Gene and Sharon Schreiner
Dr. Tom Coppinger accounces the start
Patricia and Sr. Paula Rose, SCL started quickly and were among the first to finish
Sister Janette, SCL and Sister Kathleen, SCL at the finish
Shoelace untied, jogging all the way, Patricia and Sr. Paula Rose, SCL close to the finish
Preparing for the luncheon