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Advent to Christmas

Advent 2018 begins on Sunday, December 2. This beautiful prayer, the Angelus, recited at every regular meeting of Serra KCK, is an appropriate meditation for the season of Advent. It is sung here in Latin but with English subtitles. For daily Advent reflections from the USCCB click here and for weekly Advent reflections following Ignatian Sprituality click here. And a Merry Christmas to all from Serra KCK!

Memorial Mass and Dinner

Photo of 4 widows greeting one another and the Memorial Mass and Dinner

Attending the Memorial Mass and Dinner for deceased Serrans, why was "Ubi Caritas et Armor, Deus Ibi Est" constantly running through my mind? Those Latin words mean "where charity and love prevail God is ever present". The gift of the Memorial Mass followed by Dinner given to the widows of deceased KCK Serrans was received with love by the widows who, in turn, shared it, as you see in the photo above, with old and new friends. And God was present there in our midst.

Read more about the Memoral Mass and Dinner and see the slideshow that complements the text here.

Parent and Seminarian Luncheon

Photo of Seminarian Thomas Maddox with family and parish priest 2017
Seminarian Thomas Maddox with his family and Fr. Patrick Sullivan 2017

The Parents and Seminarian luncheon is scheduled on Thursday December 27, 2018 at St. Joseph Church, Shawnee. Click heree for information and registration.

Seminarians Adopted by KCK Serrans

Serran FritzVertz with his adopted seminarian Sundeep
Fritz vertz with his adopted seminarian Sandeep in a 2017 photo

This list was published on the website recently but there have been a few changes. Here is a corrected, updated list. It is in pdf format and ready for your viewing here.

Report of District 12-C Governor Jim Burns

Photograph of Jim Burns, Serra District governor addressing Serra KCK meeting

Jim Burns, member of Serra KCK and District Governor, Region 9, District 12-C reviewed his goals and the current status of the District for new members of Serra KCK and for those attending our Regular meeting on November 28th. He gave us important insights into District 12-C and on the organization and value of Serra International and the USA Council of SI.

While we do not have a recording of his talk we do have copies of his excellent slides, here, from which you can get a sense of his important message

Doubts in our Spiritual Lives

President's letter for December 2018

photograph of Tom SpencerFellow Serrans,

Read the complete letter here.

The Serra Board's God Moment

The Meaning of Thanksgiving

photograph of Ed ConnollyThanks to people like the Pilgrims, Abraham Lincoln, and our mothers and fathers, I believe the America I was born into is worth fighting and dying for. But how do you do that? There is no one answer. But as Catholics we believe where sin abounds Grace abounds all the more (Romans 5:20) and this is where we can start.

Read the complete reflection here.

Coming Events

Archbishop Numann at the podium

Mark your calendars and make your plans to attend our most popular regular meeting of the year on December 12th. Archbishop Naumann will give us his informative “State of the Diocese”. This is one you will not want to miss!

Banner for Serra Rally 2019

The Rally is January 17 - 20, 2019 in Ventura, California. Click here for information and registration. Get a group of Serrans together and come to the Rally. The Rally will deepen your faith, let you network effectively in serra and increase your understanding of how you can work more effectively for vocations!

Vocation Awareness Week

Jack Lawrence address students at Bishop Ward High School

Serrans from our club and the club in Johnson County were at three area Catholic High Schools participating in Vocation Awareness Week. Here Jack Lawrence, V.P. of Vocations,Serra KCK is speaking to the students from Bishop Ward about our Serra Club and why we support religious vocations.

Also participating were priests and sisters from the Benedictines, Augustinians, Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Eucharist, Sisters Servants of Mary, Little Sisters of the lamb and the Institute of Christ the

We helped Amanda Stueve—Where is she now?

We helped Amanda through her discernment and entrance as a postulate to The Little Sisters of the Lamb. Click here to see where she is at in her spiritual journey now.

Response to our recent visit to a Seminary

What to seminarians think of our visits to them at their seminary? John Spaniol was on our recent visit to St. John Vianney Seminary and he received this beautiful reply. Click here to read it.

Pope Francis' intentions for December

Evangelization – In the Service of the Transmission of Faith
That people, who are involved in the service and transmission of faith, may find, in their dialogue with culture, a language suited to the conditions of the present time.

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To see seminarians adopted by KCK Serrans click HERE.


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