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Archbishop Departs for March for Life

Photo of Archbishop Naumann departing for the March for Life 2018
Photo courtesy of The Leaven

Archbishop Naumann, newly elected chair of the Pro-Life Activities Committee of the United Conference of Catholic Bishops, ready to lead students to the Pro-Life March in Washington, D.C. Four busloads from area Catholic high schools and colleges participated..

Click here text and photos of the March for Life 2018

Parents and Seminarian Luncheon 2017

Photo of Ryan Geris and parents
Ryan Geris and his parents, Joe and Tricia Geris

On December 29, 2017 a large gathering of Serrans met together with an even larger number of seminarians, parents, other family members, diocesan priests, and monks of the Benedictine Abbey in Atchison for the 20th annual Parents and Seminarian Mass and luncheon. Fritz Vertz, supported by Serrans from all clubs in the Archdiocese, did a magnificent job of organizing the event, providing ample space at the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and arranging for a delicious meal catered by Painted Hills Golf Club.

Clikck here for more.

Ben Zarda, Zarda Dairies and Serra

Photo of Ben Zarda

Joh Muelhberger, a long-standing friend of Ben Zarda, recently took me to meet Ben Zarda and some of his family at their comfortable home in Shawnee, KS. I was able to briefly interview Ben and take a few photos in his home. The story of Zarda Dairy as told to me that day is here, and a link to a page with the photos is here.

Chapter 4 in the History of Serra KCK!

Composite of 3 Serra KCK events mentioned in Chapter 4
Composite photo of 3 Serra KCK events mentioned in Chapter 4

Jim Wilson now has completed Chapter 4, the 1990s of his history of Serra KCK. This chapter tells about the early development of some of our vocation programs (Parent and Seminarian Mass and Luncheon, 5th Grade Vocation Day, and the Runnin' Revs basketball game), the arrival and impact of Archbishop Keheler, and the formation of new Archdiocesan Serra Clubs. And there is yet more to come!

If you would like to contribute anecdotes or longer bits of Serra KCK history contact Jim.

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Ave Atque Vale

These pages are my final bow as webmaster. The February edition will be designed by Jim Wilson and Bob Yoksh. I will help where and when I can. My hand will not completely disappear from the website immediately, but will slowly fade out over time. I am so grateful to the help I have received from so many of you: proofreading, correcting my typos and outright error, pointing out links that do not work, offering ideas for topics and creating items for me to incorporate. Keep these coming. The website would not have been as good as it was without you. I know that KCK Serrans will continue to support the website as they have in the past.

As an example of Serrans contributing items to the website, John Jurcyk sent me this beautiful meditation our Church offers on the last day of the calendar year. It is entitled "Auld Lang Syne". You will find it here.

YouTube video from Student March for Life 2018

Video courtesy of TFP Student Action

President's letter for January 2018

photograph of Gary McCoyThe President's letter is not available for January. His letter will return in the February website update.

God Moments

Image of Adeste Fideles cover"An Unexpected Visit During a Winter's Night" is the latest "God Moment"by Merlyn Albaugh. He was so excited about the visit that he could hardly wait to tell all about it. You will find his and all "God Moments" here or in larger print here.

Because we all have God Moments in our lives we welcome a short telling of a God Moment from each KCK Serran. This kind of faith sharing is one way to deepen our spirituality.

Papal kiss and the unfolding of a miracle

Pope Francis kissing baby with brain tumor Philadelphia 2015

During the Pope's visit to Philadelphia in 2015 the baby Gianna's father presented her to the Pope for a kiss. Baby Gianna had a brain tumor that was considered fatal by the physicians. CT scans after the Papal kiss showed a shrinking of the tumor and thereupon followed a series of events that lead to the baby's cure. A "miracle" that was occasioned by this gesture by Pope Francis.
See the video above and click here for the story.

USA Council of Serra International

Click here to see upcoming USAC Events and the current world-wide Serra membership.

Pope Francis' intentions for February 2018

Tanzania reaches out to Serra KCK

photo of Catholics in Morogoro diceseOur website has reached the Serra club in the diocese of Morogoro in Tanzania. Their bishop asked them to consider establishing a "Sister Relationship" with us, a young club reaching out to a more senior club for assistance in developing strong vocation activities. Our Board has agreed to explore this further as they receive more information from the Serra Club of Morogoro, Tanzania.

The Leaven recently published an article by Bill Scholl, archdiocesan consultant for social justice, on the value to parishes in following Archbishop Naumann's request to form "twinning" relationships with other parishes. Responding to the request of the Serra club of Morogoro will result in benefits for them and for us.

Thoughts of a newly ordained priest

"I never wanted to be a priest. But here I am. Newly minted Father Brendan, and still wondering how I got here. While most everyone around me seems happy enough to have celebrated my ordination, I’m still stumbling into the whole thing full of doubts and insecurities: How did I get here? What difference does it make."

Read the full story here.

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