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Religious Sisters Appreciation Day August 12, 2018 —All the info and photos

Photo of Sisteers embracing one another at RSAD
Five Sisters, all together, with more than 300 years of service to the Church

There was a great exodus from congregations of religious women in the 1960's. Pictured above are some of those who stayed, still committed, still rooted in the joy of their devotion to their Spouse and His Church. Today they were joined with a good number of younger women with firm commitments to consecrated religious life.

Every year it is touching to see other women, who left consecrated life for marriage, come to join with Serrans and guests to joyfully celebrate the contributions consecrated religious Sisters make to the Church.

How many Sisters came to RSAD 2018? How many congregations were represented? How many Serrans and guests? How much money was raised to support Sisters' vocation activities? For answers and to see photos of the event that tell the unique story of this RSAD click here for Gary De Haemer's slideshow's and here for Jim Wendling's.

RSAD Video Reflection—A foretaste of heaven?

Photo from Religious Sisters Appreciantion Day 2014
Sr. Michaela Randolf, OSB, a winner at bingo

Yes, the Sisters enjoyed bingo, the gifts, the attention given them by Serrans and the delicious Jack Stack BBQ meal. But the larger message of RSAD, that many of us felt, was put into words beautifully by Sr. Loredana, AVI. Hear what she and other Sisters said about RSAD 2018 in this month's featured video. You will be impressed with what these Sisters thought of Serrans and RSAD.

Serra KCK History: The Candle and Crucifix

Photo of the Serra KCK cross and candle

Prayer! Just as prayer is the essential force behind everything we do in life so it is in our Serra mission. Our candle and traveling crucifix are only two elements in our Serran prayer life but they are indicative of our commitment to prayer as we strive to live out our Serra mission.

Click here to read a short history of the Serra KCK candle and traveling crucifix.

Sisters expressing their impressions of RSAD 2018

President's letter for September 2018

photograph of Tom SpencerFellow Serrans,

Read the complete letter here.

God Moments

We evangelize each other by sharing personal stories of faith. That is the purpose of God Moment. Read a compelling story of faith experienced by all Serrans on August 12, 2018.

All those there felt it: the joy in living out our faith, the grace-filled diversity of, and the delight in serving, our Church, the sense of experiencing, even for a brief moment, the true meaning of the "Communion of Saints".
Truly a God Moment.

New members of Serra KCK!

photograph of Gary OrtizGary Ortiz and his wife Mary are members of St. Patrick's Parish in Kansas City, KS. Gary is employed by Catholic Cemeteries as Counselor.

photograph of Tom McAnanyPatrick McAnany and his wife Melodi are members of St. Joseph Parish in Shawnee. Pat is retired from the Asphalt Contracting business.

photograph of Mel CarneyMel Carney and his wife Barbara are also members of St. Joseph Parish. Mel joined our Serra club a few months ago.

US Council of Catholic Bishops

Archbishop Daniel N DiNardo, President of the USCCB, issued the following statment on August 27, 2018 with respect to sexual abuse issues facing the Catholic Church. Read the statement here.

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann released a Statement on August 16 regarding the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report and the response of the USCCB. Read his statement here.

Pope Francis' intentions for September

Universal – Young People in Africa That young people in Africa may have access to education and work in their own countries.

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