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President's Message
April 2018

photograph of Jim BurnsGentlemen, Happy Easter.
And as we celebrate our Risen Lord let us all be mindful of Msgr Mike's message to us during our Lenten retreat. That we will know better who the Holy Spirit is and that we as Serrans will follow His guide and grow as Disciples for Jesus. That we will be more effective in promoting vocations for the religious life and in our pursue of evangelization. This year we had a total of 54 attend the Saturday retreat and as always thanks to Msgr Mike's leadership we left as better women and men for the journey ahead and the challenge he gave us to me more aware of the Holy Spirit's presence in our day to day lives.

As always March is a busy month for us right from the "jump ball" at the Runnin Revs basketball game at Bishop Miege. This year we did set a couple of new records though and yes, the Revs did win (but don't they always thanks to a few questionable referee calls). But this year there was a record number attending the game and thanks to a very good silent auction as well as good contributions from the crowd the final gift for our seminarians was indeed meaningful. Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make this a fun and successful event. The other record set that evening, according to one of the referees who has called the game for some 21 years occurred when one of the school students actually "dunked" a lay up in spite of some agressive defense from the Revs.

Our two luncheon programs during our Lenten journey were most informative and left us all with a better understanding of both the aspect of "The trail of Christ" from a legal perspective thanks to John Juryck and the aspect of the "Crucifixion of Christ" from a medical perspective thanks to Dr Bob Luchi. Even with these presentations it is very difficult to fully understand the pain, emotion and suffering our Lord endured for all us. May the events of Easter give each of us hope for the year ahead.

On a lighter side our nominating committee has completed their work and the slate of officers for the new year is as follows:President Tom Spencer, President-elect Ed Connolly, Secretary Burton Huerter, Treasured Gene Schreiner, VP of Communications Frank Schuchardt, VP Membership Carroll Macke, VP Vocations Jack Lawrence, VP Programs Larry Ruder, Trustee to 2019 Jim Borelli, Don Oswald, Bob Yoksh, Trustee to 2020 Joe Deters, Greg Kratofil, Dan Eliason.

We will hold the election at our meeting on April 11 and once elected they will serve for the calendar year beginning in May. It is a very strong slate and i want to thank the committee for their work in pulling it together. The success of our club and our ministry is strongly tied to our officers their leadership, their commitment, time and work on behalf of all of us.

If you like myself are looking for something to do in early June, when it will be warmer let me suggest you think about attending the Serra International Convention in Nashville June 27-July 1. Seldom do we have the opportunity to attend this convention (last year it was in Rome) so give it some consideration. For additional information go to the online site at "", click on the link "news and events" and go to the convention home page. There you will find all of the details, cost, etc as well as a day to day itinerary plus some of the fun stuff to do while in Nashville.

And yes, even for us here spring is just around the corner which means 5th grade Vocation Day at Prince of Peace on April 10 and then at our April 11 meeting the winners of our 6th grade essay contest and their families will attend our luncheon along with some of their teachers. Their essays always help us to better understand where the students feel the role of priests and religious fit into our individual lives and that of the church. I do hope that you can attend and that you will be inspired by their efforts.

God bless, Gary McCoy