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President's Message
December 2017

photograph of Jim Burns Gentlemen,
Clearly one of the highlights of our vocation effort in November was the way our Vice President of Vocations, Jack Lawrence developed a plan of action to support the 2017 Vocation Awareness Week. He and his KCK Serran volunteers visited all four of our high schools, St James Academy, Bishop Miege, Aquinas and Bishop Ward. He met with the students in a short program, brought Serra materials including a banner and cut-outs so the students photograph themselves in the vestments and habits of priests and sisters. The campus ministries of each of these schools is grateful for this support.

Plus, during November several of our members made the trip to Bucyrus-Wea to attend the Vocation Mass at Queen of the Holy Rosary. Our thanks to Lois Iman of the Johnson County Club for their effort in putting this together as we continue to remind ourselves that the pursuit of vocations at all levels is the ministry of Serra.

Our Memorial Mass at Milburn Country Club honoring the widows of those members who have contributed so much in the past to our club was a big success once again. And we thank our chaplain Msgr Mike Mullen for celebrating the Mass and also Larry Volz and John Coakley who participated in the evenings event. It was also at dinner that evening we saw our new Serra name badges for the first time and we thank Tom Spencer and Bob Yoksh for their work in bringing this project to completion.

Two of our brother Serrans joined those men who have gone before us and we will indeed miss both Jim Hendricks and Feliz Baz-Dresch but take some comfort in knowing that now they will now be praying for us and the success of our ministry. During the month at our second luncheon we had the opportunity to learn more about the office of the District Governor & his responsibilities from our fellow brother and Governor Jim Burns. During his presentation we learned of a new program called SPARK (a Serra Promotion and Resource Kit) and of the many opportunities we can take away to help us be more effective in our Serra ministry in developing vocation activities at the school and parish level.

Truly as we begin the 2017 Season of Advent let us all be watchful, listen and support the upcoming events on our calendar for the month by attending the Parent Seminarian luncheon on the 29th at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Shawnee with Mass beginning at 10:30 (deadline for reservations is the 15). And I hope that we will have a great turnout for our next meeting on the 13th where the guest speaker will be our Archbishop Joseph Naumann and the officers of the other clubs who will join us for lunch.

In closing I want to wish all of you a Joyful and Peaceful Advent.

God bless, Gary McCoy