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President's Message
October 2018

photograph of Jim BurnsGentlemen,

October brings about the fall foliage,
great outdoor events, and a brisk 
change of weather.  What a beautiful time of year, hope we all can enjoys God’s transition of the seasons!  

 In mid September we participated in appreciating our Priests and Seminarian 
in the C.O.R.E. Tournament and dinner.  A fun day for all.   October is also a full month with our seminary visit to St. John Vianney.  We have a good number of Serrans attending.   For those that do go, be sure to wish Happy Birthday to Msgr. Mullen on Oct. 11.

Priest Appreciation Day is October 28. Please celebrate with your parish
activities.   Saturday October 27 is the Serra International Rosary for the Vocations via conference call.   Speaking of the rosary, the month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary, and is celebrated on October 7.

Coming up in November is our annual Memorial Mass and dinner on the 14th. Plan on attending and register soon. There is also a Vocations Mass at St.Agnes on November 4th at 10:00 am.

As a reminder, please fill out and return the questionnaire / survey that you will receive soon. Your response is very important to our clubs long range goals. A real emphasis is on increasing membership. In our last meeting we also announced that we will be raising our quarterly dues by $10 to help us meet our upcoming budget, expenses, and funding our vocation programs.

In closing, we have all resently witnessed the charades and vitriol actions of politicians and the divisiveness of our country. The bitter and devastating accusations in confirmation a Supreme Court nominee, destroying reputations and families. This is a threat to our basic rights and beliefs, and as Serrans and Catholics, to the constitution, Right to Life efforts, religion freedom, and a democratic process.

We as Catholics, Serrans , and citizens have a lot to pray for. We pray for our priests and seminarians, for healing in the church, and for our nation. The council of bishops are meeting now in Rome and we pray that they can agree on ways to help us all heal.

God bless you all
Have a great October!

Tom Spencer