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Five Men Inducted into Serra KCK!

Panorama of the induction ceremony
Sponsor Gary McCoy, new members Kirk Putman and John Bins, Sponsor Bob Yoksh, new member Gary DeHaemers, Sponsor Will Miller, new members Walter Kaszko and Dan Maera, Sponsor Carroll Macke

An Excerpt from the Induction Ceremony

The ceremony of induction of new Serra members into their ministry is important, dignified and moving. Msgr. Mullen performs the ceremony with the solemnity it deserves while the audience is held in rapt attention. You may read the entire Induction Ceremony here.

CHAPLAIN: This candle is a reminder of the one you received on the day of your baptism. Its light symbolizes Jesus, the light of the world, and its fire, the transforming energy of the Holy Spirit. Let it be a symbol of rededication to your solemn pledge to direct yourself in Christian principles. In this spirit I ask these questions of you: Will you give your time, efforts and prayers for the encouragement and preservations of vocations to the ordained and professed ministry?

New Members: I will.

CHAPLAIN: Will you, by faithful attendance at Serra meetings and by the example of your Christian life, promote and deepen Christian justice and charity, and continually strive to fulfill your own Christian vocation?

New Members: I will.

Msgr. Mullen describing the Serra International induction ceremony
Heavenly Father, look with favor upon the Serrans assembled here. Bless their apostolate
Msgr. Mullen describing the Serra International induction ceremony
The sponsor Bob Yoksh presents the Serra Internation pin to Johnn Bins
Msgr. Mullen describing the Serra International induction ceremony
Congratulations! Welcome to Serra International.