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Our Club has been busy and active

Photo of Simon Baluku, President of Serra Club of MorogoroThe Serra club of Morogoro celebrated the feast day of St. Junipero Day on July 1, 2018 together with the universal Church.

We handed out scholarship materials to 36 Major Seminarians in Philosophy and Theology at an event that was attended by the Treasurer General of Morogoro Diocese (Rev. Fr. Alphonce Yagala), the Secretary General Morogoro Diocese (Rev. Fr. Makseyo Litrifilda) and by diocesan Vocations Director (Rev. Fr. Joseph Torondo).

The Serra Club of Morogoro also donated Tanzania Shillings 1 million (about USD 500) to support tuition of our seminarians.

We continue to be blessed with new vocations. On August 29, 2018 we attended the Mass in which the two Transitional Deacons ordained earlier this year were ordained to the priesthood. And, the previous week, we witnessed Sister Mgolore of the Little Sisters of Africa take her perpetual vows.

The photographs below are scenes from St. Serra's feast day, the ordination of two priests and the priest vestments purchased for the newly ordained priests.

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Simon Baluku, President Serra Club of Morogoro

Photograph of the Serra Club of Morogoro celebrating the feast day of St. Junipero
Serra Club of Morogoro celebrating the feast day of St. Junipero serra
Ordnation to the priesthood Agusut 2018
Priest vestments donated by the Serra Club of Morogoro

The Little Sisters of Africa

This is the only photgraph we have of Sister Mgolore after taking final vows. But the happiness of the occasion is evident on the faces of the Sisters present

Sisters Mgolore welcomed by the congregation after taking perpetual vows

Who are the Little Sisters of Africa?

phot ofthe convent of the Little Sistersof Africa
A view of the convent of the Little Sisters of Africa

The Little Sisters of Africa is an indigenous religious congregation of women established in the year 1997. The Congregation is relatively young but is growing rapidly in numbers and mission expansion due to their charism that concentrates on serving Christ through serving the poorest of the poor and conducting Catechism in primary and secondary schools. The Congregations to date numbers 96 professed sisters and 32 in different stages of formation/ training. Like St. Francis of Assisi, the Congregation economically depends on the generosity of local Christians of good will. The Board of the Serra Club of Morogoro decided to be supporting the Formation programs of this Congregation as the Congregation has no income generating projects.

photo ofthe novitiate of the Little Sistersof Africa
A view of the novitiate of the Little Sisters of Africa

In order to sustainability meet the financial needs of formation of sisters and combating dependency, our Serra Club of Morogoro has proposed that; together with the administration of the Congregation of the Little Sisters of Africa, we establish Income Generating Activities (IGAs) that will sustain Formation/ training needs of the Sisters in formation and those who are to join in future.

The Serra club of Morogoro made a good start in obtaining funding for this project, but more need to be done to complete vocation self support project through piggery farm. Our Serra Club has so far raised $850, about 1/3 of our goal $2,900, to be fully developed and self sustaining. We express great thanks to the Board of Serra KCK, James Wilson and other Serra KCK members who donated this project for supporting young women in formation to concentrated religious life. The project is a road to sisters self reliance on formation programs.

The Officers of Serra Morogoro in Tanzania

  • Simon Baluku- Presisdent, Mobile Phone +255789369988, E-mail: simonbaluku@yahoo.com
  • Mary Nkata- V/P Programs, Mobile Phone +255762617773, E-mail; serraclubmorogoro@yahoo.com
  • Soko Remegius V/P Vocations , Mobile phone +255714715500 E-mail: serraclubmorogoro@yahoo.com
  • Denis Muhamba V/P Membership, Mobile phone +255683206220 Email: serraclubmorogoro@yahoo.com
  • Edson Yeyeye - Secretary.. Mobile Phone +255763834231 E-mail: serraclubmorogoro@yahoo.com
  • Angela Shirima- Treasurer.. Mobile Phone  +255766802033 Email; serraclubmorogoro@yahoo.com

Serra Club of Morogoro in Action

As you will see in this photo of one of our activities, we alway dress in uniform when we are about our mission. Our uniforms are maroon T shirts with Serra International written on the back and the SI logo on front with Serra Club of Morogoro.

  • We conduct school Based youth vocation awareness programs
  • We visit major seminarians and donate scholastic materials
  • We purchase and donate mass investments to newly ordained Priests as well as participating in Diocesan Vocation office Planning committee
  • We conduct and form Parish Vocation Committees
uniforms worn by Morogoro Serrans

The Christian People in the Diocese of Morogoro

It is in this economic environment dominated by chronic poverty that THE SERRA CLUB OF MOROGORO operates. The Serra Club members are trying their level best to sacrifice, at least averagely 25% of their monthly earnings to financially support the Vocations existing in this poverty stricken society/ local communities. However the Serra Club of Morogoro resources have been outweighed by the great and genuine need of the Vocations, hence appealing to support from outside. We are hopeful that the Serra KCK will understand our Situation and render us support to co-finance some of our activities that need extra funds to be fulfilled.

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