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Transitional Diaconate Ordination

We arranged the photos of the transitional diaconate ordination in a gallery (click here) showing each deacon candidate’s path through the ordination liturgy. We worked with what we had so some of the paths are more complete than others.

The steps in the ordination take a similar form whether for permanent or transitional deacons, or priests: the candidate processes in with the Church:

  • He sits with family in midst of the congregation and is called out from both (symbolizing God’s calling the candidate from the bosom of his family and from the body of the faithful);
  • He is accepted by the Archbishop; he turn toward the congregation to receive their approval; he offers his obedience to the Archbishop;
  • Examination of the candidates;
  • He lies prostrate while the entire church invokes prayers in the Litany of the Saints;
  • The Archbishop invokes the Holy Spirit by imposition of his hands while the church sings “Veni Creator Spiritus”;
  • The Archbishop’s prayer of ordination;
  • Investiture of each candidates;
  • The Archbishop hands each the Book of the Gospels (Receive the Gospel of Christ, whose herald you have become. Believe what you read, teach what you believe, and practice what you teach.);
  • Fraternal welcome by the Archbishop, fellow priests, deacons and seminarians;
  • After assisting as deacons at Mass, they leave the Church to the welcome of clergy, family and friends.

Some years ago I watched my son being ordained as a deacon, and later, as a priest. As you look on the faces of these 5 men as they go through each step in the ordination liturgy, you will experience many of the same emotions I felt: admiration for their courage, steadfastness, hope and faith each has in accepting God’s call.