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An Introduction to Serra

The need for more vocations

It is worth looking again at the numbers. The number of religious sisters continues to decrease, and, despite an increase in the number of ordinations, the number of priests continues to fall and the number of parishes without a resident priest continues to rise, while the Catholic population increases. In fact, if we had the same number of priests and religious sisters now that we had in 1965, the greatly increased Catholic population in 2015 would still be under-served despite the increased number of permanent Deacons and the rise in lay ministries.

Decline in Vocations
  1965 2010 2016 2017
Catholic Population 46.3 million 74.6 million 74.2 million

74.3 million

Priests 58,632 39,993 37,192 37,181
Ordinations 994 459 548 504
Parishes without resident priest/pastor 549 3,353 3,499 3,552
Permanent Deacons n/a 16,649 18,173 18,287
Religious Sisters 181,421 57,444 47,170 45,605

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Serra purpose and mission

Serra has two missions: the first is to pray for, encourage support and affirm vocations to the priesthood and religious life; the second, equally important, is to deepen the faith of individual Serrans and strengthen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ so that they may become His more devoted disciples.

History of Serra and Serra KCK

Serra began as a Catholic business men's club in Seattle, WA in 1934 and has since spread world wide. Currently there are 800 Serra clubs in 37 countries chartered by Serra International. The United States, similar to most other countries has its own council, the United States Council of Serra International. Serra is recognized as the lay vocation arm of the Catholic Church

Serra KCK began in 1970 at the request of then Archbishop Strecker and has been strongly supported by his successors, Archbishop Keheler and Archbishop Naumann. To read Jim Wilson's "History of Serra KCK" click on one or more of the links below:

Joining Serra

We welcome new members to help us with our current projects and activities and to expand our efforts to pray for, encourage, support and affirm vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Joining Serra will put you in contact with a dedicated group of Catholic men who, by prayer and mutual support deepen each others faith life.

For further information about joining Serra KCK, video interviews with KCK serrans, our activities and projects click HERE.